St Patrick's College Strathfield

The Addams Family


The 2022 Performing Arts ‘spooktacular’, The Addams Family, took place on the first weekend of June at the Bryan Brown Theatre, Bankstown. In a story about love, angst and betrayal, our cast, band and crew did a superb job of bringing the monstrous mayhem to life while the calibre of the costumes and set design was second to none.

Our boys were joined on stage with girls from Strathfield Girls High and Santa Sabina College and all must be commended on the quality of their performances. To put a musical like this together has taken an immense amount of time and dedication from our production staff but it has been worth the work when we see the talents of these young actors bloom on stage. From our younger students who were cast as ‘ancestors’ to our Year 11 and Year 12 students who undertook lead roles while juggling their HSC studies and rehearsals, we extend a big thank you for putting your hearts and soul into this thoroughly entertaining production.