St Patrick's College Strathfield

Captain’s Welcome

St Patrick’s College, founded by the Christian Brothers in 1928, has not only managed to endure many national crises; it has educated, formed, and guided many thousands of boys into responsible caring men of value and action, upholding a 93-year-old tradition in the name of Blessed Edmund Rice.

The year 2020 has been a difficult year for all. A pandemic affecting millions will be remembered for the great loss of lives and disruption to people all over the world. Australia has perhaps managed to face, accommodate, and adapt to the enormous challenges comparatively well, and while we recognise the loss and grief experienced, we take some consolation in our approach as a caring national community. The response by our school’s management was another example now placed in St Patrick’s history of its ability to face challenges head on and to deal practically with adversity. History has repeatedly demanded resilient, spirited men who are challenged to serve; these qualities are instilled within every boy, from the youngest to our oldest.

All are challenged to live out the college motto Luceat Lux Vestra – let your light shine. The significance of this phrase is something that cannot be taught in writing, its identity grows alongside the boys, and its message carries weight long after graduating from SPC. It is clear to me why so many Old Boys maintain their involvement with the school long after graduating.

St Patrick’s College is a place open far beyond the hours of a working day and the confines of a classroom. Each boy is challenged to serve and take responsibility in developing both their own, as well as the community’s light.

I wish to welcome all, particularly new members of our teaching and student community to a bright and exciting 2021.  

Darcy Patterson

2021 College Captain