Captain’s Welcome

When I think about St Patrick’s my mind races to a thousand different things. It is no secret that this school embraces and nurtures the many talents that the student body possess, whether it be academic, sporting, musical, and too many more to list. However, this establishment nurtures something much more important than any of these things; it teaches boys how to be men. The education that’s offered is far more substantial than just textbooks and quizzes, every student learns from their enrolment until their graduation what real manhood looks like, and how to live their lives with honour and respect.

I recall starting at the College back in 2012. With my blue cap sitting soundly on my head I walked through the gates to a special place, not yet realising the impact that it would have on my life. I remember feeling a little frightened about meeting so many new people and walking among the older students who seemed to be giants. It was these giants however, that welcomed myself, and all the new students with open arms, showing us what it meant to be part of the St Patrick’s College tradition, and all the new people I was so worried about meeting have now turned into my closest friends. That’s the nature of this school, welcoming, guiding, and nurturing.

To be a part of St Patrick’s also means to be a part of a much larger tradition, that being the tradition of Blessed Edmund Rice and the Christian Brothers, who are responsible for the construction of this College over 90 years ago in 1928. To be a part of this school means to live out the message of Blessed Edmund, which can be observed through the four touchstones of justice and solidarity, gospel spirituality, liberating education, and inclusive community. Over their time at the College, each student is made familiar with these touchstones through a variety of different initiatives which teach the value of service to others.

The phrase ‘let your light shine’ is heard a lot at the College, and I must admit that all those years ago it meant very little to me, however, as I was nurtured from a boy to a young man I grew to understand. The motto doesn’t mean just one thing, it encompasses everything this school stands for. It tells each member of the College community to be the best person they can be, and to let their own individual talent and passion be shown to the world. I know St Patrick’s has brought me so much joy and love over my time here, and I sincerely hope that it does the same for you, and that you may cast your own light alongside all those who have, are, and will be a member of this fantastic school.

Mark Herro
2019 College Captain