Captain’s Welcome

When I first entered the St Patrick’s College gates and donned the beloved blue cap, the phrase ‘Let Your Light Shine’ didn’t mean that much to me. However, when you spend your schooling years learning and growing in this great place, those four words become a part of who you are.

Students are encouraged to give all that they can, whether it be in the classroom, on the sporting field, in the debating room or in the music hall. The values of our founder Blessed Edmund Rice are instilled in all students from a young age, providing them with the tools needed to develop into fine young men.

For all those who have experienced St Patrick’s in some way, shape or form, it is clear that the College has something special. The reputation it has developed, coupled with the consistent desire of Old Boys to remain connected with the place, makes this quite obvious.

But what is it that makes ‘St Pat’s’ so special? Some argue it’s the facilities, the brilliant co-curricular programme, the rich tradition of the place. From my experience, what really makes the College so special is the people within it. I speak with complete sincerity when I say St Patrick’s College is home to the most humble, honest and giving people I know. The teachers are skillful and effective in their profession, and are equally impressive as people. They act as guides to student learning, but more importantly, they are people we can talk to during the highs and lows of schooling and adolescent life. Yes, a St Patrick’s teacher is there for you in the classroom, but more importantly, they are there for you as a trusted guide.

At the core of St Patrick’s is a sense of community and a sense of justice that goes far beyond the College boundaries. The camaraderie that radiates from anyone who calls himself a ‘Pats Boy’, allows members of the College to unite together and form a front against the injustices of the world today. The desire to help those less fortunate stems from the holistic education St Patrick’s provides, which goes beyond the limits of study, and allows for character development.

I struggle to articulate the impact this College has had on me, my ambitions and my outlook on life.  As I near the end of my St Patrick’s journey, I see a future which is bright due to the opportunities this place has given me. It is now that I can fully appreciate what ‘Let Your Light Shine’ truly means. I hope that your involvement in the College will give you as much joy as it has given me, and I have complete confidence that it will.

Matthew Bryson

2018 College Captain