St Patrick's College Strathfield

Captain’s Welcome

To capture exactly what it means to be part of the St Patrick’s College community is a difficult task as it is impossible to encapsulate our true essence without experiencing it yourself. What makes it so special is the connection that runs through the staff and students alike. The sense of community and belonging that I, and so many other students feel at the College, is one I am yet to find elsewhere.

Whether this be the genuine eagerness in the classroom or the electric feeling participating in co-curricular, there is something about the school that gives you a purpose and engages you to strive for more.

In saying this, we are not just about ourselves. We seek to serve others. As a school community we look beyond our own school gates to the broader community and the world around us. Guided by Christ and the example of Blessed Edmund Rice, we look to treat our faith as a verb rather than a noun, acting on our beliefs and values. Our whole community is committed to one another, as we look to serve others and strive for progression together. We are provided with every opportunity to achieve a holistic education which goes beyond academic achievement, with a strong and inclusive emphasis on co-curricular, as well as our development as young men and the future roles that we will contribute to society. It is integrity that distinguishes a St Patrick’s College student.

St Patrick’s has given me so many opportunities, constantly challenging me to do and be more. I am fortunate to have such supportive teachers who truly care for all our goals and are willing to assist our individual journey. Surrounded by close mates, the younger boys look up to the older year groups for inspiration, just as I found role models to aspire to from my junior school days.

The past two years have seen significant disruption to our schooling lives, but it was only during these difficult times that it became so apparent to me how significant a role the College plays in my life and the lives of the whole community. It is the place where we get to see our mates every day, enjoy co-curricular together and be amazed by how much we’ve grown when we look back at our younger selves. Having been reminded of its value in our lives, this year we strive to rebuild our community and ensure a positive return to normality, supporting each other to build hope for the future.

We are a college rich in history, that takes pride in our traditions. However, we are also aware of the dynamic world in which we live. We are a community who is constantly looking forward, seeking improvement, and not settling for anything but our best.

We are all excited to welcome everyone into our community as we continue our journey.

Alessandro Romeo

2023 College Captain