Captain’s Welcome

My first experience of St Patrick’s College was before I even wore the blue cap.  I remember observing my older brother and his friends, young men of compassion and justice, and thinking that they were fine examples of what the College produces. It is common knowledge that throughout their years here, students achieve significant feats in both academic and sporting endeavours. However, the College offers students something far more extraordinary. In our evolving society, the demand for men of action and zeal is ever-increasing, and these are attributes which are developed in every boy from the moment he walks through the gates, until he dons the cherished Old Boys’ tie upon graduation.

When joining this great community, you become more than just a student here. You become part of a beautiful tradition, established ninety-two years ago in the name of Blessed Edmund Rice, by the Christian Brothers. This legacy has changed the lives of tens of thousands of young men who have been educated here. The College motto, Luceat Lux Vestra genuinely holds significance. As students grow older, they identify that this simple phrase is far more meaningful and encompassing than what can be perceived on the surface, or even explained in words. This meaning is explored and built brick by brick, through the experiences and lifelong memories each boy will make during his time here.

Student achievements cannot be simply credited to any one aspect of College life rather, they are spread across myriad areas. Endless opportunities can be found in the classroom, on the sporting field, on the stage or in the auditorium. Every boy is instilled with a resolve to do his best, driven by his teachers and peers and will, in time, learn to let his light shine.

St Patrick’s is not just a place of books and lectures. The staff and teachers professionally provide the boys with so much more than physical test results. At St Patrick’s, we operate beyond the hours of a normal school day and we extend our open arms to the broader community. It is clear to me why so many Old Boys maintain their involvement with the College, sometimes years after completing their Higher School Certificate.

St Patrick’s College is more than just a school. And I know that once I leave here, I will be able to look back with a warm heart as I recall the laughs we shared and the bonds we forged.

Noah Palozzo
2020 College Captain