St Patrick's College Strathfield

Counselling Services

The College provides a free and confidential* counselling service which can be used by all students in Years 5-12. It is normal for all people to have worries or concerns from time to time and as part of the College’s commitment to wellbeing, we seek to provide students with the confidence and skills to deal with these worries.

The College counsellors are available during school hours and strive to work with student’s worries before they become major problems.

The School Counsellors are available on an appointment basis, and students are encouraged to either make an appointment anonymously (on the Counsellor door) on email or in person.

Some of the common issues we support students with are:

  • Emotional issues (anger, anxiety, loneliness, depression).
  • Behaviour at school.
  • Behaviour at home.
  • Making and keeping friends; friendship groups.
  • Bullying.
  • Family relationships (communication, trust, separation, divorce).
  • Progress at school; changing schools, leaving school, exams, results.
  • Loss and bereavement.
  • Substance abuse, partying
  • Physical changes of puberty.

The Counsellors pride themselves on providing a safe and approachable service and welcome all students and parents.

*Confidentiality limited to ‘risk of harm’.  If a student is at risk of harm  (self or others), it is in the students best interests and the Counsellor’s duty-of-care seek additional help including Principal and parents and other relevant services.