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Edmund Rice Foundation Australia

The Edmund Rice Foundation (Australia) is an international aid organisation which supports sustainable health, education and community projects in developing countries and projects for marginalised and disadvantaged groups in Australia.

The Foundation’s vision is for a just and peaceful world where the dignity and rights of all are respected and in which all have control over their lives and have access to the resources and opportunity to achieve their potential.

The Foundation draws its inspiration from the life and vision of Edmund Rice, the Irish businessman who more than 200 years ago responded to the needs on his doorstep by dedicating his life and resources to the liberation of the poor through education. A life and work characterised by presence, compassion and liberation.

In particular, the Foundation supports education, health, vocational training and community development projects in East Africa, East Timor, Papua New Guinea and the Philippines.

Within Australia, the Foundation supports programs for socially and financially disadvantaged children, youth and families, including programs for indigenous Australians, refugees and asylum seekers.

In providing effective aid the Foundation works in partnership with a number of partner groups and a range of schools across Australia.

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