St Patrick's College Strathfield

College Houses

The aim of the house system at St Patrick’s College is to provide each student with the opportunity to contribute in some way to different areas of College life. A healthy competitive environment allows students from different year groups to unite together for a common cause which in turn brings a sense of wellbeing, camaraderie and loyalty.

Ultimately when encouraged by their peers, students gain confidence and feel empowered to give their best. The system dates back to the 1930s when boys were placed into four coloured houses for the annual swimming and athletic carnivals; red, gold, green and blue.

During the 1970s the College expanded the four houses to six and named each after a significant person whose presence at the College had been pivotal to its evolvement; Br Berg, Br Coghlan, Br Crichton, Br Hanrahan, Br Hickey, and Fr Power (Parish Priest of St Martha’s). A further development was made in 1996 when on the beatification of Edmund Rice, Founder of the Christian Brothers, Power house was changed to Rice house.

In 2012 the College Cup was launched and redefined the way in which the house system is used at St Patrick’s College. To foster healthy competition amongst the boys, house points are awarded throughout the school year based on an individual’s efforts in areas of academic achievement, co-curricular involvement and school spirit. These are then tallied with the results from the swimming and athletic carnivals and a house is declared the overall winner.

After the successful implementation of the College Cup in 2012, the 2013 Prefect Leadership Team saw a need to highlight and develop a visual identity for each house in the form of a shield and motto. An extensive consultation process with students and staff, including a series of workshops, was embarked upon with the aim of encapsulating the identity and ethos of each house’s namesake. The resulting design and motto is an embodiment of ideas and choices made by the College Community while acknowledging the characteristics and values that underpin College life.


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