St Patrick's College Strathfield

Spirituality & Formation

Spirituality is that which gives us life and ‘wakes us up’!

It is very closely tied to our faith formation in the College environment, but it also allows for a deepening of the heart in a multitude of ways, both individually and collectively.

Each year group has a dedicated time, be it a day or week, for spiritual growth and/or reflection which is also tapped into throughout the year within Homeroom and Year Group activities. 

All of these events culminate with the Senior Retreat at the end of Year 11 to be followed by the Year 12 Spirituality Day before the students finish school. Along with students, staff members are afforded the opportunity for Spiritual development, and Old Boys and Parents are invited to take up various opportunities. 

The College Formation Program continues to evolve and is led by a dedicated team of staff committed to the education of the whole person. 

Along with the College Captain and Vice-Captains we have a dedicated role on the Prefect Body in this area – the Faith Formation / Spirituality Prefect.

Please Click here to view the College’s Formation Vision Booklet