St Patrick's College Strathfield

Conditions of Enrolment

St Patrick’s College is a Catholic school in the Edmund Rice tradition. Education in faith has a privileged place along with the pursuit of academic excellence.

In accepting an offer of enrolment, parents and students are to read this document, then sign and return to the College together with all other documentation required to complete the enrolment process. The return of this document forms part of the enrolment contract between parents and St Patrick’s College, Strathfield.

Student obligations
  1. The primacy for faith education begins in the home, with the College supporting this. All students will actively participate in all aspects of the religious and faith education program offered at the College. This includes active participation in Eucharistic celebrations, prayer life, religious education classes, retreats, camps, community service and witness.
  2. All students are responsible for their own work in class, the completion of classwork and homework, the preparation and timely submission of assessments and assignments and diligent approaches to study.
  3. Politeness and respect for all is an essential feature of College life.
  4. While traveling to and from the College and during College endorsed activities, students are to be courteous, cooperative and conscious of the general public.
  5. All students are expected to maintain and promote a high standard of self-discipline and to conduct themselves in accordance with the standards contained in the College diary and student codes of discipline and behaviour management.
  6. Students must not do or say anything which may adversely affect the reputation of the College, including in print or electronic media.
  7. Smoking, the use of alcohol, illicit drugs, dangerous and prohibited substances and the possession of such items is strictly forbidden.
  8. If deemed necessary, the College reserves the right to inspect student lockers, bags and desks etc. Illegal and/or prohibited goods will be confiscated and the police may be called.
  9. Punctuality and regular attendance at the College at all lessons is mandatory. Attendance at times prescribed by the College including week night and weekend occasions is expected.
  10. Participation in the co-curricular life of the College is expected. These activities extend beyond the ordinary hours of school and are a necessary part of the overall College program. Students are enrolled on the understanding that they join in sports, retreats, camps, excursions and other co-curricular opportunities.
  11. Students who have the ability and physical fitness and are chosen to represent the College in sport will do so willingly, enthusiastically and conscientiously as a way of building College spirit. Commitment to College and co-curricular and extra-curricular activities has priority over all other commitments.
  12. The full College uniform is to be worn at all prescribed times and dates and as designated. Full sport and other specialist uniforms are also to be worn as they apply to a particular activity. Haircuts and styles are to be in keeping with College regulations. No visible jewellery, except the wrist-watch or a modest religious necklace/bracelet, is to be worn.
Parent obligations
  1. Parents are to assist their sons in complying with the above requirements.
  2. Parents actively support the efforts of the College in educating their son(s), in the conduct, management and administration of the College.
  3. Avail themselves of all communications from the College including emails, the College Newsletter and notes home.
  4. Parents will advise the College in writing of any change of address, telephone number, emergency contacts, email addresses and the like as soon as these changes become known.
  5. Parents ensure that their son is correctly and neatly attired for all College events and for regular school days.
  6. While on the College premises, or attending College activities elsewhere, parents must comply with College procedures, the requests of College staff, with any applicable code of conduct of the College or the sporting association of which the College is a member, and encourage others attending in relation to the student to do the same.
  7. Parents agree to civil and courteous communication with members of the College staff at all times.
  8. Parents will attend parent/student/teacher exchanges, attend parent information evenings and attend any interviews requested by the College.
  9. All parents actively support the College through involvement in community activities such as canteen, chapel cleaning, learning support assistance, social justice initiatives, Parents and Friends meetings, community celebrations, parent/teacher exchanges and the co-curricular programme.
  10. Parents must not do or say anything which may adversely affect the reputation of the College, including in print or electronic media.


Payment of fees and charges
  1. In accepting enrolment at the College, it is expected that all fees and charges are paid by the due date.
  2. Fee accounts are issued at the beginning of each term and are due and payable within 28 days. If accounts are not paid within 21 days of the due date then parents are liable for an administration charge which reflects the administrative and financial cost to the College in the collection of outstanding fees.
  3. Continual failure to pay fees by the due date may result in the suspension of the student and, the principal may, without further notice, terminate the student’s enrolment.
  4. A student will not be permitted to participate in any discretionary activity offered (e.g., overseas trips) while an account for fees remains outstanding.
  5. Contributions to the Building Fund at least at the suggested level is expected. Contributions in excess of this suggested level are especially received.
Privacy legislation and the use of digital media
  1. Privacy legislation requirements will be upheld. The St Patrick’s College Standard Collection Notice (Privacy Statement) can be found on the College website. In signing this Conditions of Enrolment document, parents are acknowledging that they have read and understand the St Patrick’s College Standard Collection Notice.
  2. From time to time the College may take photographs and video footage of your son(s) in the normal course of school events.
  3. I/we give permission for these to be used by the College for promotional purposes, including publication in the media and in advertising, and to be held in the College archives. In addition, I/we agree to allow the College to publish any material produced by my/our son in the due course of school activity including written materials, art works, recorded items and design pieces.


Exclusion, withdrawal of a student and termination of enrolment
  1. The principal has absolute discretion to temporarily or permanently exclude a student for:
  1. Breaches of College rules, discipline or policies;
  2. Behaviour prejudicial to the welfare of the College, its staff or students;
  3. In instances where these Conditions of Enrolment have been breached.
  1. Where the principal considers that the relationship of mutual trust and cooperation between the parent(s) and College has broken down to the extent that it adversely impacts on the relationship, then the student’s enrolment can be suspended or terminated.
  2. Parents will be given a right of reply before the College exercises its powers to permanently exclude a student.
  3. Where a student is permanently excluded, the enrolment is terminated.
  4. Continued enrolment at the College is conditional upon satisfactory progress, standards of expected behaviour being met and College fees being paid.
  5. Parents must provide at least one term’s notice in writing of their intention to withdraw a student from the College, otherwise a full term’s fees will be charged.
  1. Requests for leave from College activities, including academic and co-curricular programmes, and for early departure at the end of the day or term and/or late return from breaks are, in general, considered only in exceptional cases, and only on receipt of a written application from the parents to the Director of Pastoral Care/Director of Co-curricular and relevant Year Co‑ordinator/Director of Junior School. Parents are to provide a satisfactory explanation in writing to their son’s homeroom teacher in relation to any absence for a part or whole day during term time, including late arrival at the beginning of the day.