St Patrick’s College, Strathfield stands on the lands of the Wangal clan of the Dharug people.
We acknowledge their stewardship of the earth and pay our respects to elders, past, present and emerging.


The College Advisory Council works with the Principal and EREA / Trustees of the Christian Brothers in an advisory capacity on matters of policy, strategic planning, finances and future directions.

In addition to the College Advisory Council, there a number of Advisory Council committees: Finance, Identity, Risk Management, Capital Works and Strategic Planning.


COLLEGE advisory council FINANCE
Mr James Coyne Mr Paul Khoury Mr Dominic Ofner
Dr Vittoria Lavorato Dr Vittoria Lavorato Dr Vittoria Lavorato
Mr Damian Chase Mr Richie Chacon Ms Gillian Daley
Dr Caroline Butler-Bowden Mr Shaun Cousins Mr Ben Munday
Mr Paul Khoury Mr James Coyne Ms Kate Svoboda
Mr Dominic Ofner Mr Greg Dening  
Ms Helen Randall Mr Chris Jackson  
Dr Anne Wenham Mr Anthony Meaker  
  Mrs Rosie Salvato  



Mr James Coyne Ms Helen Randall
Mr Damian Chase Dr Vittoria Lavorato
Ms Natalie Baini Mr Damian Chase
Ms Eloise Cadogan Mr Richie Chacon
Mr Richie Chacon Mr Steven Fochesato
Mr Ian Murray Mr Ian Murray
Ms Helen Randall Mr Sam Rigoli