St Patrick's College Strathfield


Within the key learning area of Human Society and its Environment (HSIE) students develop knowledge, skills and values concerning people and their physical and social environment.

The disciplines within this area are divided between the HSIE(A) and the HSIE(B) faculties at St Patrick’s College Strathfield.

The HSIE faculty provides a broad range of subject choices for students and within each subject, there is a focus on the historical, the contemporary society we live in, ethical considerations, the future of the world and the implications historical and emerging issues on people within Australia and throughout the global community.

Across the broad range of disciplines on offer, each subject provides a powerful context to enhance key competencies including the investigation, interpretation, and communication of information and ideas. The acquisition of higher-order critical thinking and analysis skills required for further education and for life in the workforce is encouraged.

HSIE (A) Courses

Stage 4 (Years 7-8) Stage 5 (Years 9-10) Stage 6 (years 11-12)
History History Modern History
  Philosophy Ancient History
    Legal Studies
    History Extension (Year 12 Only)


HSIE (B) Courses

Stage 4 (years 7-8) Stage 5 (years 9-10) Stage 6 (years 11-12)
Geography Commerce Geography
  Geography Economics
    Business Studies