Uniform Shop

** Please note ** 

Last day of trading for Term 1-2020 is Friday 27 March 2020 (8.00am – 12.00pm)

If you have any enquiries regarding the Uniform Shop, please email Mrs Teresa Briglia at: Email


Students in uniform represent the College. They are to ensure their appearance reflects the standards of the College and that their behaviour and interaction with the public is exemplary. The College uniform and grooming expectations can be found on page 34-35 of the College Diary.

 The Uniform Shop is located underneath the Hodda building. Access via the driveway between the Hodda building and the Crichton building or via Francis Street.

When purchasing the College uniform, your son will need to be fitted for all items.

 Parents are advised to clearly mark all garments showing their son’s full name.

The entire College uniform is to only be purchased at the College Uniform Shop.

College Uniform Fittings

Year 5

All new Year 5 students will be fitted by appointment at the College Uniform shop from Orientation Day in November. Parents will be advised via email when online booking appointment times are available.

Year 7

Students commencing Year 7 will be fitted at the College Uniform Shop for their College grey trousers at the end of Term 4. Parents will be advised via email when fittings will commence.

Year 11

Students commencing Year 11 will be fitted at the College Uniform Shop for their senior black blazer in Term One. Parents will be advised via email of the date and payment details.

Year 12

Students commencing Year 12 will receive their senior black tie during a special ceremony at the end of Term three.

New Students

For all other new students commencing the College, uniform fittings will take place by appointment only.

College Uniform Shop – Methods of Payment

If you wish your son to make a purchase with a credit card from the Uniform Shop, please print and   complete the Uniform Shop credit card form, the link is on the website and return to the College Uniform Shop with your son or via the Uniform Shop email address. Alternatively ensure cash for the appropriate amount is attached to your completed order form.

Cash, cheques. EFTPOS and credit cards are accepted.

The cost of clothing items cannot be charged to the student fees account.

Uniform Shop Credit Card Order Form

Uniform Shop NORMAL Trading Hours 
  • Monday:                    8am – 5pm
  • Tuesday:                   Closed
  • Wednesday:              Closed
  • Thursday:                  8am – 5pm
  • Friday:                       8am – 12pm
  • Saturday                   Closed

Any additional opening hours will be advertised on the Uniform Shop website and in the College newsletter.

Contact Information

Uniform Shop Manager
St Patrick’s College
Private Mail Bag 1
Strathfield NSW 2035

Uniform Shop Manager – Mrs Teresa Briglia


Phone: (02) 8705 9240


The current Uniform Shop price list is available to download by clicking here SPC Uniform Shop Brochure


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Uniform Shop Location – click to enlarge