St Patrick's College Strathfield

Fees and Payments

A letter to parents and carers from the College Advisory Council outlining the fee schedule for 2023, can be found here.

Tuition Annual 2023 Per Term*
YEARS  5 – 6 $11,100 $3,700
YEARS  7 – 8 $12,300 $4,100
YEARS  9 – 10 $12,800 $4,267
YEARS  11 – 12 $13,400 $4,467

* Annual tuition fees are charged over three terms. Families will only receive a Fee Statement in Term 4 if non-tuition fees have been charged after the Term 3 statement has been issued.

Most additional charges are built into the fee structure shown above. However, there are some minor exceptions depending on what options your child selects. Some items which may be charged separately include music instrument hire, some excursions, Duke of Edinburgh programs and sporting tours.

Sibling Discount: Discount on tuition fees is available for the second child in a family (10%), the third child (20%) and the fourth and subsequent children (40%) providing that the children are attending the College simultaneously.

Building Fund  *$600 per family ($200 over 3 terms)
Diary Replacement $25
Music Instrument Hire $180 per semester
Private Music Tuition

$44 per half hour

*A capital Levy of $600 per annum is charged to each family account to support the ongoing improvements to our existing buildings. No increase has been applied to this fee in the last decade.Those families who have the financial capacity to do so, are invited to contribute to the Building Fund above this level. The College relies upon contributions to the Building Fund to finance its building and refurbishment program. Contributions to the Building Fund are tax deductible.


All College fees and other charges are due and payable at the time specified on the account being rendered unless other arrangements are agreed with the College. Late fees will be applied.

college fee account Account issued due date
1st instalment Jan-23 Feb-23
2nd instalment Apr-23 May-23
3rd instalment Jul-23 Aug-23
Periodic Payment Plans Jan-23 Feb to Oct-23

The College will offer the option of a monthly or fortnightly periodic payment plan. Information on how to make payments via direct debit including nominating amount and frequency will be provided upon initial billing.

Withdrawal of a Student

Families are reminded that one term’s written notice is required if a child is to be withdrawn from the College. In the absence of such notification, an amount equal to one term’s fees will be payable.

application, enrolment and entrance fees (ALL NON-REFUNDABLE)
APPLICATION FEE (to be sent with application) – excluding gst $250
enrolment acceptance fee $1,500