St Patrick's College Strathfield


Parental Application for Leave Guidelines

The College recognises the need and requirement for all students to be at school during term time. The College also recognises that there are circumstances where it may be necessary for parents to request time away from school for their children.

The College is bound by current legislative requirements around leave from school exemptions from attendance. Requests for leave for a period of one or two days should be directed to the Year Coordinator. Ordinarily appointments e.g. medical, dental etc for students should be made out of school hours.

If requesting leave for travel for 3 or more days or on the final day of the school term. Parents/carers must submit an ‘Application for Leave from School’ form to the Director of Middle School (Years 5-8) / Senior School (Years 9-12). This can be located below in blue titled ‘Application for Leave’ please send this form to the email as indicated on the form. 

Application for Leave

The Application for ‘Exemption from Attendance’ form is for specific instances listed below:

  • Expectational domestic circumstances 
  • Other Expectational circumstances 
  • Direction under 42D of the Public Health Act 1991
  • Employment in Entertainment Industry / Participation in elite sporting event for short periods of time ie for 1 or 2 days and short notice

This can be located below in blue titled ‘Application for Exemption from Attendance’ please send this form to the email as indicated on the form. 

Application for Exemption from Attendance

priority pass letter and application form

The priority bus pass exists for those students who require the opportunity to depart the College as early as possible at the end of the school day. The pass allows holders to board the first available bus in the afternoon to Strathfield Station in an attempt to give the student the opportunity to arrive home at an earlier time.  The pass will be primarily considered on the grounds of the student’s residence being an excessive distance from the College (e.g beyond 30 kilometres) or on the excessive time taken to arrive at home (e.g consistently after 5:00 PM on a normal school day).

2024 Priority Travel Pass Bus Letter

Travel Priority Pass Application Form