Captain’s Welcome

When I think of my first impression of St Patrick’s College Strathfield, I recall my thoughts just before I commenced. I remember looking at this College and the young men who proudly wore the uniform with a sense of desire and passion: something that is difficult to articulate.

This desire, to be a part of a community so rich, not only in history and tradition, which St Patrick’s has in spades, but also camaraderie and with a sense of shared experience.

When Year 5 boys walk through these gates, they are greeted with a school community that while it seems imposing at first, responds by nurturing and caring for all young men with the opportunities, community and brotherhood that the school embodies.

Boys who attend St Patrick’s, become part of a rich tradition. A tradition based upon the charism of Blessed Edmund Rice and the Christian Brothers who founded the college in 1928, and whose legacy is still ever-present around the College. It is constantly drummed into boys of the College, just how privileged they are to attend this great school and to be afforded the opportunities on offer here.

The strength of the St Patrick’s community is evident in so many aspects of College life. The learning agenda through the rich learning in the classrooms, where the teachers, who become such amazing guides for all boys, teach not only what the curriculum requires, but teach about life and how to become a better man. Our sense of combined spirit is evident in the classroom; in the social justice work of so many; in the reflective spiritual experiences; and at sport on Saturdays, as well as in the community of Old Boys who are passionately still connected with our school.

St Patrick’s affords students so many great opportunities, so that the education received here is one not just of books and curriculum, but one that shapes every part of a young man’s character. When students leave the College they not only have knowledge and skills to make a mark on the world, but they have mates for life, an understanding of the wider world, and a desire to give back and are appreciative for all that we have in life.

The community rallies around getting involved and ‘letting your light shine’ in the classroom, on the sporting field, in the music hall and debating room. It is clear that St Patrick’s is an extraordinary school, and on that I hope gives you as much joy and love as it has given me.

Matthew Harrington

College Captain 2017