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There are many exciting music opportunities available to boys in the Middle School and Senior School. All Year 5 students are encouraged to be involved in the Music program through participation in music ensembles or through music tuition.

Music Ensembles Program 

Our Music Ensembles Program offers a variety of bands and ensembles that cater to different experience levels. Participation in these ensembles requires ongoing instrumental tuition. Students receiving instrumental tuition are expected to contribute their talents to the College’s musical life by joining one or more ensembles.

The main ensembles include:

  • Concert Band (Years 9-12)
  • Symphonic Band (Years 7-9)
  • Junior Band (Years 5-6)
  • Training Band for complete beginners (subject to demand)
  • College Orchestra (senior/audition)
  • Jazz Orchestra (senior/audition)
  • Choir (junior and senior)
  • Drumline (junior and senior)

Additionally, our qualified tutors lead smaller ensembles for specific instruments, such as saxophone ensembles, string ensembles, and brass ensembles. Students taking voice or piano lessons are generally expected to participate in the College Choirs. Limited spots are available in the bands for percussionists.


Private Instrumental Tuition 

The College offers two Private Instrumental Tuition streams: one-to-one private lessons suitable for beginners and advanced students, and group lessons (with no more than four students) at a subsidised rate designed for Year 5 beginners. All Private Instrumental lessons are provided by qualified, professional external tutors and take place onsite during the school day. Some time slots are available before and after school but are primarily reserved for more senior boys.

We provide tuition for a wide range of instruments, including woodwind, brass, strings, percussion, piano, guitar, and voice. New Year 5 boys will have an opportunity to try out some instruments early in Term 1.

The College also has a large stock of instruments available for hire. For some, less common instruments, the hire fee will be waivered.

More information on how to apply for private instrumental tuition (including hire of instruments) and about the program itself, will be provided in January.

If you wish to enrol your son in the College’s Private Instrumental Tuition and Ensembles Program for 2024, please complete the online form below. Before submitting the form, please ensure you have read the Terms and Conditions.


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