St Patrick's College Strathfield


The College’s co-curricular offerings promote personal growth, responsibility, cooperation, and initiative, enhancing academic excellence by boosting confidence and self-esteem through sports, cultural, social, and outdoor activities.

All students engage in meaningful experiences tailored to their interests and abilities, strengthening the school spirit at St Patrick’s College, Strathfield. The Co-curricular Vision Statement outlines the benefits for students and parents while emphasising the holistic educational experience. 

The Sports Program fosters camaraderie, competition, teamwork, sportsmanship, and school pride, with opportunities for higher representative honours. The Cultural Program offers a variety of activities, encouraging students to explore their talents and broaden their experiences. It’s an integral part of their education, emphasising enjoyment and growth. These activities nurture individual talents and foster a strong sense of community and school spirit at St Patrick’s. 

The College offers a broad range of co-curricular activities which include: 

AFL, Athletics, Band /Orchestra, Baseball, Chess, Choir, College Supporters Group, Cricket, Cros Country, Debating, Duke of Edinburgh, Faith in Action Team, Football, Golf, Junior School Justice, Mock Trail, Performing Arts Production, Public Speaking, Rugby Union, Social Justice Action Group, Softball, Swimming, Tennis, Theatresports, Touch Football



  1. Participation in the Co-curricular Program is compulsory and is a condition of enrolment.
  2. Students who have the ability and physical fitness and are chosen to represent the College in sport and other Co-curricular activities will do so willingly, enthusiastically and conscientiously as a way of building up College spirit.
  3. Commitment to College Co-curricular and Extra-curricular activities has priority over part-time work, outside tuition sessions, sporting club commitments and ALL other commitments. Activities in the Co-curricular Program extend beyond the ordinary hours of school. 
  4. Travelling a distance to games, debates, performances and/or similar is a necessary part of this commitment.
  5. The College will not accept a situation where a student is playing for another team against a College team.
  6. Any boy playing a sport outside the College that is also offered at St Patrick’s, MUST give priority to representing the College in that sport. NB: boys who play Rugby League outside of the College are expected to play Rugby Union for the College. 
  7. Students are encouraged to fully engage in the Co-curricular Program year round to enjoy the holistic experiences St Patrick’s offers. As a minimum, a student’s time involvement must be equivalent to that of a winter sport.