St Patrick's College Strathfield

Students Form

Year 5 / 2019


    Dear Parents Please complete and leave in the box marked “Students” or return to the College by no later than Monday, 20 November, 2019. Every family is expected to complete a form.
  • There are many ways in which you can assist students in the College. 1) Special Examinations Provisions – this involves supervising boys on a one to one basis during examination periods. Boys with specific learning difficulties are sometimes given extra time, a reader, or other relevant support to complete an examination. 2) Rainbow Reading Programme – this involves assisting boys with their literacy. If you can read, you can help. 3) Homework Support Group – some boys require assistance with organising and focussing on their homework. The group usually meets after school. 4) Individual Support – one on one support for boys with specific learning difficulties. 5) Small Guided Reading Groups – general assistance within the classroom or the Special Education Department. 6) Many Other Areas
  • All these possibilities are under the supervision of the professional teaching staff. All that is required is parental common sense and an empathy with boys’ education. Because the assistance involves one to one association with the boys, child protection screening would apply. It is not an onerous process. Please give careful consideration to assisting the boys.
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