St Patrick's College Strathfield

College Musical Production


This week, our Performing Arts production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, delighted a sold-out audience for the first time in over a decade.

Since its initial publication in England in 1964, this timeless tale has evolved through various adaptations, captivating audiences across generations. What makes this story endure? It’s not merely about a fantastical world of chocolate and strawberry lemon pies. At its core, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory resonates because it celebrates belief in miracles and the profound power of goodness. As a theatrical piece, Charlie thrives because it invites audiences to suspend disbelief, embrace their uniqueness and embark on a journey into a realm of ‘pure imagination’.

Over the past six months, everyone involved in this production, from our dedicated band members to our talented cast and crew, has poured their time, love and energy into bringing this vision to life on stage. Their commitment and skill deserve commendation.

The Performing Arts production embodies the touchstone of ‘Inclusive Community’ with students from Years 7 to 12, collaborating seamlessly as one cohesive team. Each participant contributed to crafting something they could be proud of, showcasing the transformative magic of the Arts. We are grateful for our ongoing partnership with neighbouring girls’ schools, Strathfield Girls High School and Santa Sabina College. It was a privilege to welcome these talented young ladies onto our stage.

From humble beginnings, we created something extraordinary, an achievement we are immensely proud of and hope that this resonated with all who attended.