St Patrick's College Strathfield

Holy Week Liturgy


On Wednesday, we came together on Breen Oval to celebrate Holy Week with a liturgy that focused on our connection to Earth.

Throughout ‘Laudato si’, Pope Francis talks of how everything is interconnected and so we looked at how the parts of God’s natural creation are family to us and therefore need to be cared for. While walking through St Francis of Assisi’s Canticle of Creation, we connected it to each part of the events of Holy Week.

While sitting in the glorious sunlight, looking out over the green field and beautiful trees as the wind blew slightly and the birds spoke to us, how could we not be in awe of all that God created?! The challenge is to look after all that God created.

“In this context, every effort to care for the environment and human life is a reflection of faith in resurrection, in the triumph of life over death.” (Susana Réfega; ED of Laudato si’ Movement, 31 March 2024)

Our liturgy shone a light on the Gospel of the day which talked of Judas’ betrayal of Jesus, and tried to connect this to our own lives including how we betray God each time we disrespect nature and other human beings. We were a people in a state of waiting gathered together as one – no celebration to be had yet, but reflection and contemplation of what Christ went through was necessary.

We are reminded that a central theme in our faith is hope. Easter shows us hope at every turn. There is the hope of eternal life with God, the hope that others will walk the journey with us, the hope that Jesus will return to us and the hope that we will live our side of the bargain, doing what is asked of us – we must love God, love each other and love all of creation.

As we celebrate for the 50 days of the Easter Season, may we continue to remind ourselves of these simple instructions and take whatever steps we can to achieve them. All of this can also contribute to a world of peace and being light in the darkness.