St Patrick's College Strathfield

Shakespeare In Love


On Saturday 3 June, the 2023 Performing Arts Production of Shakespeare in Love wrapped up with an unforgettable sold-out show. As the first theatre group in the country to present this iconic production, our talented students showcased their prowess, bringing the beloved characters to life with sensational performances.

The dedication, hard work, and mutual support demonstrated by all those involved in the production deserves commendation. It is a collective effort, with the cast and crew investing approximately 120 hours in rehearsals over the last six months. For our students, countless additional hours were dedicated to mastering lines at home, resulting in an apparently effortless performance that enthralled the audience.

Stepping onto the stage and treading the boards demands not only talent but also bravery, especially when tackling the nuances of both old English and modern expressions. Creating authentic emotions which captivate and engage the audience requires vulnerability and exceptional talent. We wish to congratulate all involved for bringing the beauty of Shakespeare to life on stage.