St Patrick's College Strathfield

Young Scientists


Throughout Weeks 8 and 9, Year 6 classes have been heading over to the Senior School to use the Science labs. As part of our Science unit this term, we have been looking at adaptations and microorganisms. During this task, the boys viewed pondwater under a microscope. They were able to complete a science investigation in a lab and have access to resources that would have otherwise made this task impossible. The boys were able to learn just how full of living creatures a single drop of pond water is and even started to name these microorganisms. 

“We found a variety of creatures, some that fascinated us and others that we would prefer not to see.” – Myles 6 Green

“We discovered lots of new microorganisms under the microscope. It was fascinating and fun, we learnt a lot form this experience.” – Oliver 6 Black