St Patrick's College Strathfield

Congratulations Class of 2019


Congratulations to the Class of 2019 on their fine academic results in the Higher School Certificate. In large part their success is due to their work ethic and consistent effort throughout their school life. Their results reflect a wide array of skills and talents, with excellence demonstrated in many subjects but particularly in French Beginners, Industrial Technology, Information Process & Technology, Construction, Studies of Religion II, Economics, English Extension 1, English Advanced, Mathematics, Mathematics Standard, Mathematics Extension 1, Mathematics Extension 2, Music I, Modern History, Chemistry, Legal Studies, Business Studies, Visual Arts, PDHPE, History Extension and Physics.

We pay particular tribute to Christopher Farag our Dux for 2019, ATAR 99.70, and Joseph Haydamous our Proxime Accessit, ATAR 99.65 and Luke Malacco, ATAR 99.50.

Additionally, the following students gained places in the state in the following subjects:

  • Iban Elhorgan gained 1st place in French Beginners
  • Marc Salamone gained 3rd place in Italian Extension
  • Jeremy Ellis gained 3rd place in French Beginners, 5th place in Italian Continuers, 5th place in Italian Extension
  • Damian Sue gained 5th place in Information Process and Technology
  • Luke Gabriel gained 6th place in Construction
  • Christopher Farag gained 6th place in Studies of Religion II
  • James Cooper gained 10th place in Construction
  • Lawrence De Pellegrin gained 10th place in Studies of Religion II
  • Charles Ransom gained 13th place in Modern History

 The following students also made the Distinguished All-Rounders list (having achieved the top band in at least 10 course units):

  • George Banis
  • Jacob Boghos
  • Edward Carrall
  • Lawrence De Pellegrin
  • Jeremy Ellis
  • Julian Failla
  • Christopher Farag
  • Joseph Haydamous
  • Joseph Iannella
  • Alessandro La Mela
  • Luke Malacco
  • Angelo Nicolas
  • Charles Ransom

There are many students in the HSC cohort who will not rate a mention for a band 6 result, or a high ATAR, yet they have achieved marvellous results and demonstrated tangible gains with their learning. These are the unsung heroes in the HSC and they deserve our equal recognition and applause.