St Patrick's College Strathfield

Mission Mass – A Time to Reflect


In the Junior School we often talk to our boys about the privileged lives we live, here in Australia and as members of the St Patrick’s College community. We talk about our shared aspiration to exist for the other, not only by showing compassion but by standing in solidarity. Our recent fundraising campaign provided an opportunity to put this belief into practice.

On Friday 1 November, each boy took a pledge of silence in an initiative called “selfless silence”. They vowed to use their time in silence to reflect on the struggles of those less fortunate and evolve a sense of gratitude for the blessings in their own lives. Each boy undertook this pledge with integrity, dignity and perseverance while also managing to raise over $25,000!

The following Friday we all gathered for our annual ‘Mission Mass’, an opportunity to reflect on our shared mission to continue the work of Christ by bringing out the fullness of life. We were privileged to be joined by two representatives from our charity partners, from St Edmund’s College, Wahroonga and Catholic Mission who shared with us the realities of the work they do, people they help and the impacts of our fundraising.

Following the Mass, in an additional act of solidarity and support of Catholic Missions, the boys undertook the “sock it to poverty” campaign. The Junior School boys gave up their usual sporting equipment used at play and sport time and instead relied on equipment they had fashioned themselves using only old socks.

This initiative forms part of the whole College fundraising program as we work together to realise the mission of Christ, Blessed Edmund Rice and our four EREA touchstones.