St Patrick's College Strathfield

Year 10 Work Experience


As consumers, we are faced with a myriad of choices each day and at times we find this overwhelming. So how difficult does a young person find it when deciding on what to do at the end of their schooling? One way is to do some work experience to find out what the world of work is really like and if that dream job is all it is made out to be.

The whole of Year 10 spent the last week of Term 2 doing just that, venturing out into the world of work. The occupations varied from accounting to architecture, from construction to computing, media to marketing and from physiotherapy to plumbing.

One of the great positives of work experience is that it gives the students first hand experience of particular occupations but more importantly helps with their personal development, where they are interacting with adults in an adult environment and becoming more independent during that week. For many parents they see a change in their son with him displaying more maturity or just being more talkative about his day at work.

Employers also comment on how well the boys fit into the organisation and how quickly they are able to grasp concepts, work productively and make a real contribution to the business. The boys see they are not just given some meaningless work to do but are a real part of the business helping to attain its goals. The sense of satisfaction gained by the boys is priceless.