St Patrick's College Strathfield

Arts Enrichment Day ‘Enhance’


On Monday 30 July, the Visual and Performing Arts Departments facilitated and hosted an ‘arts’ enrichment day for Year 8 students, a first for the College. The day, titled Enhance, was designed to extend and enrich students’ understanding of the learning areas and opportunities available in the arts domain. Over 80 students attended including visiting students from Santa Sabina College, MLC School, Rosebank College, The King’s School and Pacific Hills Christian School.

Dr Wattam began the day with an engaging address on his experience as a Music educator and offered personal insights into his own creative process. Students were then given the opportunity to hear from and work with professional artists and performers: Wendy Murray (Visual Artist), Yure Covich (Performer) and Jay Laga’aia (Singer and Actor). Each professional delivered a 15 minute presentation on their arts practice. Students gained further insights into the life of artists and performers with a panel presentation and Q&A session. Students heard first-hand anecdotes detailing how each professional has worked in the arts sphere and how they develop/realise their creative ideas. Following this, students participated in three engaging workshops; each designed to enhance student knowledge and understanding. Workshops included a stencil poster activity, a musical theatre experience, a hands-on exploration of the functions and capabilities of the DSLR camera and an interactive session on character development in both film and TV settings.

The day was dynamic and a valuable experience. It was pleasing to see the active engagement and enthusiastic energy offered by all attendees. Days like Enhance, reinforce the rigour, excellence and future possibilities available to students in the Visual and Performing Arts.