St Patrick's College Strathfield

Year 9 Visual Arts Enrichment


On Tuesday 5 June, we welcomed well-known mural artist OxKing to the College as part of the Year 9 Elective Visual Arts programme. The aim of the incursion was to transform the monotonous staircase leading up to the Mary Mackillop Art Centre into an aesthetically pleasing and visually stimulating space.

Prior to the day, OxKing visited one of our classes to provide an insight into his practice as an artist. In his talk, he detailed the artmaking techniques he utilises to achieve certain effects in his works, as well as the conceptual component behind his practice explaining the inspiration that assisted him to develop his ideas.

On the day of the incursion, the class was divided into groups, with each group working in hourly intervals. Mentored and assisted by OxKing, each student was assigned to fill in with paint, a section of the mural that had been previously sketched. Once the class had finished painting the mural, we gathered to observe OxKing demonstrate the different techniques regarding the use of spray cans to draw the outline and produce a gradient effect, bringing the piece together. 

The completed mural, ‘Creation’, reflects the wonder of creative beginnings. In his left hand the central figure holds his creative potential, ready to make art. In his right hand he releases the spirit, a symbol of the divine and mysterious nature of creation.