St Patrick's College Strathfield


St Patrick’s College is dedicated to fostering the wellbeing of all its students, and this commitment is deeply ingrained in our educational framework.

We work collaboratively with students, parents, and staff to create an environment that thrives on mutual respect and acceptance. Our comprehensive Wellbeing Framework forms the foundation of our approach.

Our primary objective in student wellbeing is to recognise each individual, provide them with nurturing support, and challenge them to reach their full potential in various aspects of their lives.

The core of student wellbeing centres around the Classroom teacher in Years 5 and 6 and Homeroom teacher in Years 7 to 12. These essential elements are further supported by the Director of Junior School, and then Year Coordinators and the Director of Wellbeing in the Senior School.

To enhance students’ wellbeing, we have established a Pastoral Care Period (PCP) that occurs every fortnight. This dedicated time helps students explore and develop skills to enhance their overall wellbeing.

Our dedicated Counselling Services team is available to collaborate with students, teachers, and families, providing crucial support and resources to bolster students’ wellbeing.

At St Patrick’s College, we uphold clear and reasonable expectations when it comes to fostering positive and respectful relationships, maintaining grooming standards, travel safety, active engagement in learning, and participation in Co-curricular activities.

Our commitment to student wellbeing is an integral part of our educational philosophy, encompassing various aspects of support and development to ensure our students thrive in a nurturing and respectful environment.


Student Services

The College’s Student Services is strategically located between the Junior and Senior school campus, ensuring that we can effectively address all students’ healthcare needs. Student Services functions as a collaborative platform where we work closely with students and their families to promote positive emotional and social wellbeing.


Commendation and Infringement

The System of Commendation and Infringement operates across Years 5 to 12. The College Diary provides categories for which a student can receive a Commendation or Infringement Slip. This system aims at recognising those things which students do well, whether by their own standards or by some absolute standard.  It is as much to do with improvement as with achievement of pre-established standards. Teachers have the option to write comments in a boy’s diary or compose an email to parents reinforcing positive behaviour or good work before opting to make use of the College Commendation System.

Students who achieve four Commendation Slips are eligible to receive a Commendation Award. Students who receive four of these awards then qualify to receive a Certificate of Commendation (Principal’s Award). However, if satisfactory behaviour, application and attitude are not consistently achieved, a system of infringement operates.  

Infringement Slips are used when the student is failing to respond to the classroom motivational system and, unless the matter is of a more serious nature, ordinarily after communication with the home through the diary, email or phone call. If a student is consistently being issued Infringement slips, escalation to detentions, parent interviews and/or Behaviour Improvement Plans will occur.