St Patrick's College Strathfield


The College’s policy on participation in sports is detailed in the Conditions of Enrolment, which each parent signs when their son is accepted into the College.

Your son’s commitment to College sport throughout his enrolment in the College has absolute precedence. If your son is currently involved in club sports, please inform your club that if selected by the College for that sport, he will be required to play for the College from the start of Term 1, 2024.


Year 5 and 6 SPORT

In the Junior School, a diverse range of sport co-curricular activities includes sports like Rugby, Football, AFL, Basketball, Cricket, Softball, Swimming, Athletics, and Cross Country, prioritising participation in Independent Primary School Heads of Australia (IPSHA) and Independent Sporting Association (ISA) competitions.

Summer Sport Season Summer Sport begins in Term 1, 2024, and includes Cricket, Swimming, Softball, Basketball, Tennis and Sport Skills program. Year 5 boys will be trialled for these sports and continue in these teams for Term 4, 2024.

Winter Sport Season Winter Sport begins in Term 2 and includes Rugby (non-contested scrum rules), Football (Soccer), and AFL. Year 5 boys will be trialled at the end of Term 1. These sports and continue in the same teams for Term 2 and 3, 2024.

Between Seasons (Autumn and Spring) Cross-Country Running and Athletics are the primary sports during these times. Boys are selected for these teams from the results of the College carnivals.


Sport Co-curricular Guidelines

Commitment Year 5 and 6 students are encouraged to trial for both Summer and Winter sporting teams. All students should commit to a minimum of a Winter sport. Commitment to College co-curricular activities takes precedence over other commitments, and some activities may extend beyond school hours. Traveling for games is part of this commitment.

External Sports Teams Students should not play for another team against a College team. Students who play Rugby League outside of the College are expected to play Rugby Union for the College.

Conduct: All coaches, players, and spectators must abide by the Codes of Conduct for School Sport.

Ability Levels Junior School teams are graded based on age and ability to ensure fair competition. This means your son will normally play sport against boys of the same age and ability level. Boys will not be put into a team if judged that they could be out of their depth.

Sport Uniform You can purchase all sports uniform requirements from the Uniform Shop, including a House t-shirt, black Supporters shirt, and black College sports shorts. Refer to the Uniform Shop page.

Training Equipment Ensure you have the correct playing equipment for training and games.

Mouth Guard Mouth guards are compulsory for all Rugby and AFL and Softball. They are also strongly recommended for cricket in the summer.

Transport Playing venues can be found on the College App notification. Parents are responsible for transporting their sons to and from matches.

Training Training sessions are held twice a week, with variations in days depending on the team. Training occurs on-site at the College or at nearby grounds within walking distance. If training is off-site, coaches supervise students to and from the venue. Parents can pick up their sons from outside venues after notifying the coach. Training is essential, and non-attendance requires prior notice to the Junior School Coordinator of Co-curricular.

College App To stay updated on the College’s sporting schedule, download the St Patrick’s College App and subscribe to the relevant sports, which provides information on weekly draws, training schedules, and changes. Refer to the Communication page for more information.

Attendance Attendance at training sessions is crucial for skill development and team unity. Students must provide a note for any non-attendance.

Consequences for Non-Adherence Non-adherence to College expectations regarding uniform, training, or fixtures may result in consequences, including detentions and notifications to relevant staff members. Please follow proper procedures for notifying the College about absences from training or fixtures.