St Patrick's College Strathfield

Absences and Leave


Regular school attendance is crucial for students to reach their full potential. It is the responsibility of parents to notify the College of their son’s absence by 10:00 AM by submitting the absence via TASS Parent Lounge.

If a student has been marked as absent from school in Period 1 and the College has not been notified of the absence, a text message notification will be sent to the student’s parents at approximately 11:00 AM on the day of absence. You will have five school days from the date of the absence to update the reason for the absence via the TASS Parent Lounge portal. After seven days, the absence will remain recorded as unexplained and unjustified.


Late Arrival/Early Departures

All students are expected to be at the College by 8:35 AM at the latest.

Students arriving after 8:40 AM must report to Student Services to have their Student Card scanned and record their late arrival.

For students who need to leave the College before the end of the regular school day, a note or email from the parent must be provided to the Class Teacher/Homeroom Teacher, indicating the reason for the early departure and the departure time.

Students must then present the note/email, countersigned by their Year Coordinator, to Student Services, where they will be signed out, and details recorded in the attendance system.


Approved Leave

The College acknowledges the importance of students attending school during term time however, we understand that there may be circumstances requiring students to be away from school. The College follows legislative requirements regarding school attendance and may grant exceptional exemptions.

For leave requests of one or two days, please contact the Year Coordinators (Years 5-12).  We encourage parents to schedule appointments such as medical, dental, or driving tests outside of school hours.

For leave exceeding three or more days or for absences on the final day of a school term, parents must submit an ‘Application for Leave from School’ to the Director of Middle School (Years 5-8) or Director of Senior School (Years 9-12). You can find this application form on the College website through a quick links search of forms. 



Personal appointments (e.g., doctor’s appointments and driving tests) should be scheduled outside of school hours whenever possible. In cases where appointments or early departures are unavoidable, parents should either send to their son’s Class Teacher or Year Coordinator an email or a handwritten note in advance or on the morning of the appointment. This note should include the reason for the leave and specify whether the student will be leaving on their own or will be collected.

We understand that occasionally last-minute medical appointments may be necessary. In such cases, please contact College Reception to inform them that your son needs to attend a medical appointment. This way, we can arrange for him to leave the class accordingly.