St Patrick's College Strathfield

Statement of Co-curricular Involvement

1. Participation in the Co-curricular Program is compulsory and is a condition of enrolment.
2. Students who have the ability and physical fitness and are chosen to represent the College in sport and other Co-curricular activities will do so willingly, enthusiastically and conscientiously as a way of building up College spirit.
3. Commitment to College Co-curricular and Extra-curricular activities has priority over part-time work, outside tuition sessions, sporting club commitments and ALL other commitments. Activities in the Co-curricular Program extend beyond the ordinary hours of school.
4. Travelling a distance to games, debates, performances and/or similar is a necessary part of this commitment.
5. The College will not accept a situation where a student is playing for another team against a College team.
6. Any boy playing a sport outside the College that is also offered at St Patrick’s, MUST give priority to representing the College in that sport. NB: boys who play Rugby League outside of the College are expected to play Rugby Union for the College.
7. Students are encouraged to fully engage in the Co-curricular Program year-round to enjoy the holistic experiences St Patrick’s offers. As a minimum, a student’s time involvement must be equivalent to that of a winter sport.

Revised September 2022