St Patrick's College Strathfield

Junior House Swimming Carnival

The Annual Junior School House and Age Championship Swimming Carnival is being held on Wednesday 12 February at the Auburn Aquatic Centre. The location of the Aquatic Centre is Church Street, Lidcombe.

This is a normal school day and all students are expected to attend, irrespective of their swimming capabilities. All boys are expected to take part in at least the freestyle and if possible, the breaststroke events. If for some reason, i.e., medical, a boy cannot fulfil the above criteria, a letter must be forwarded to me in advance; these boys shall be asked to assist in the running of the Carnival. All boys will assemble at the Powell Pavilion at 8.15am to have their names marked off. All boys will then catch the bus from the College at 8.30am. On arrival at the Aquatic Centre, boys are to move to their House Area. Rolls will be checked at the conclusion of the Carnival (approximately 2.00pm).

Students should wear full College Summer Sports uniform, i.e., their House T-shirt, plain black shorts, white socks and sandshoes. College tracksuit is optional. Boys also need to bring a towel, College swimming costume and the College school/sports bag.

Playing cards, iPods, drums, horns and the like are not permitted on the day. Boys are encouraged not to bring valuables such as mobile phones to the Aquatic Centre. Mobile phones are not to be used or switched on during the Swimming Carnival. These expectations will be made very clear to your son and consequences will follow should your son fail to adhere to these clear expectations.

While there are canteen facilities at the Aquatic Centre, the sheer logistics of having to service such a large number in such a short time is near impossible. It is for this reason that the College has decided that the canteen is out of bounds to all students. Boys are instructed to bring their own food and drinks from home; no glass containers are permitted into the Aquatic Centre. Parents attending are asked not to purchase food or drink from the venue for their son(s).

Students will be picked up by bus from the Aquatic Centre at approximately 2.30pm and brought back to school in time for training and normal dismissal. Boys will not be permitted to leave before the formal conclusion of the day. If parents are in attendance, they may take their son directly home after the afternoon roll call.

Parents are most welcome to attend and support their sons. Entry fee to the Centre for spectators is approximately $3.80.