St Patrick's College Strathfield

Celebrating Motherhood


On Friday 6 May, approximately 2,000 students, mothers and grandmothers gathered at Rosehill Gardens to celebrate the unique relationship between mother and son. After two years of disrupted gatherings, the morning was an opportunity to take time out of the ordinary and focus on not only our relationships with each other, but also our individual and collective relationship with God which is like that of a mother and child in many ways.

Our celebration of the Eucharist focused on the theme of love, showcasing how our EREA Touchstones can be applied to the role of mothers. Our College Orchestra and Choir brought great beauty to our gathering with their leadership in the music for the Mass, and Father Jack, as always, gave heart to our time together through his words.

In remembering our mothers who have gone before us and those within our community today, it was evident that love was present and abounding throughout the morning.