St Patrick's College Strathfield

HSC Visual Arts


After a term of remote learning, our Year 12 Visual Arts students completed and submitted their HSC Visual Arts Practical Examination, known as The Body of Work.  

After spending weeks reviewing their works on Microsoft Teams or by zooming in on digital images shared via email, it was beyond pleasing to see the final submissions in real life; nothing can compare to viewing an artwork in the real world.

In the practical journey, that is The Body of Work, Term 3 is often the most critical. This stage of refinement, enhancement, and attention to detail is one that that can elevate a body of work into excellence. Our students are to be applauded and should be proud of their commitment to resolve The Body of Work, and action feedback under trying conditions. 

Although a boutique class, the ideas, concepts, and conceptual intentions explored by students in 2021 lack nothing in conceptual depth.