St Patrick's College Strathfield

Year 8 Language and Culture Incursion


On Wednesday 17 June, the Year 8 cohort participated in a Language and Culture Incursion at the College. The day consisted of a variety of linguistic and cultural activities which provided a cross-section of all things Italian, but also encouraged students to celebrate and value all languages and cultures.

During the rotating activities, students were able to appreciate Italian music, create an Italian skit, play bocce, embark on a virtual holiday to Italy and use Italian to cheer on their friends in penalty shootouts. They also learnt about Italian gestures and dabbled in other languages by competing in an online challenge.

One of the highlights of the day was a quiz in which students listened to recordings of SPC teachers speaking other languages and trying to guess the teacher and the language they were speaking. All this fun and activity was perfectly capped off by a tasty pizza lunch. Delizioso!