St Patrick's College Strathfield

Acting Masterclass


During the last few months, the Arts have taken a huge hit and theatres around the world have turned on their Ghost Lights for the foreseeable future. We had a lot planned in Drama this year that we have had to place on hold. After seeing actor and writer Matthew Whittet in Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam last term, we had organised to have him come and work with the Drama students the day after his new play Kindness premiered. Sadly this play was cancelled and for a while it looked as though we would be conducting acting workshops over Microsoft Teams. However, we were extremely lucky last week that with a little juggling and a lot of social distance in the gym, this workshop was still able to go ahead for all Drama students in Years 9-12. This was an insightful and engaging day for the students but it was also a great opportunity to be able to give back, in a small way, to the Arts.