St Patrick's College Strathfield

Speech Night


Last Thursday evening the College held its annual Speech Night at the Sydney Olympic Park Quaycentre. It was a wonderful celebration of our community as well as special acknowledgement and recognition of many academic, cultural and sporting achievements.

The theme for this year’s Speech Night was “Now is the Time”, meaning now is the time to let your light shine – time keeps ticking away so don’t waste your God-Given gifts and talents and don’t squander opportunities to be a light and presence for others. This message was brought home by the opening video, “Tonight We’re Golden”, masterfully produced by Adriana Lazkin.

Dr Wattam’s address further developed the theme along the lines of placing one’s best self fully in the present to be well-equipped for whatever the future may bring. Dr Wattam segued his address into introducing this year’s Luceat Award recipient, Professor Brian O’Brien of the Class of 1950, whose ground-breaking work with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Apollo program, was instrumental in accomplishing one of humanity’s greatest achievements in men walking on the moon.

The inaugural award for Outstanding Contribution to the College by an Old Boy was presented to Alexander Collins from the Class of 2016.

Throughout the evening’s program the community was treated to high quality entertainment, showcasing the wonderful talents of students and staff in various musical, dramatic, choral and audio-visual.