St Patrick's College Strathfield

Year 5 Grandparents’ Day


Last Friday’s celebration of Mass for Year 5s Grandparents’ Day, followed by morning tea and class visits, was yet another beautiful celebration of community and belonging. It is a much-loved tradition here in the Junior School. What a pleasure it is to hear and see the surprise and delight from people attending for the first time. Our young boys are so openly affectionate towards their grandparents, who are so openly devoted to their grandchildren – it’s just beautiful! 

One of my highlights from this year’s celebration was Fr Jack’s sermon. I am very aware of how blessed we are to be led and guided by a person with such wisdom and humility as Fr Jack. He affirmed the importance of grandparents in a family – especially in their role as custodians of traditions and memories. It is easy to feel that contemporary society idolises youth and places little value on those who have passed ‘a certain age’. Fr Jack reminded us that our elders have an important responsibility to pass on many of the things that make us who we are. I am glad we have an occasion to formally recognise and honour this.