St Patrick's College Strathfield

Year 8 Languages Day


On Wednesday 19 June, the annual Year 8 Languages Day was held at the College. The students who are currently completing their 100-hour Italian course, were provided with an opportunity to engage in the language and culture outside of the classroom.

Rotating in house groups, students engaged in a variety of activities led by their Languages teachers and Year 9 and 10 elective Italian students. The Year 8 students visited Venice using virtual reality glasses and made masks for Carnevale. They experienced the feverish enthusiasm of football fans at a Serie A game while learning team songs and participated in games of bocce (lawn bowls). Students put their knowledge of Italian numbers to use while playing tombola (Italian bingo), listened to and gained an appreciation of Italian music, and learnt to play briscola (an Italian card game).

After an enjoyable pizza lunch, students gathered in the Hall to watch a Commedia dell’arte performance led by Mr Dennis Murphy. This afternoon session provided students with an opportunity to learn about the traditional masks and the characters who embody them.