St Patrick's College Strathfield

2018 HSC Results

Congratulations to our 2018 graduates on their excellent HSC results. This year we had three students who were placed in the top five in the state, therefore appearing on the Top Achievers list. They are: Rhys Hughes who ranked 5th in the state in VET Entertainment, Jamison Merhi who ranked 4th in the state in French Beginners and Zachary Saric who ranked 1st in the state in VET Entertainment. The following students also made the Distinguished All-Rounders list (having achieved the top band in at least 10 course units): Justin Cordi, Nicholas Doherty, Matthew Kazzi and Jamison Merhi.

We had four courses that were more than 10 marks above state average (Industrial Technology, IPT, Mathematics General and French Beginners) and 14 courses more than five marks above state average. A whopping 88.24% of all course offerings were above state average. These results deserve our hearty congratulations.

Of course, there are many unsung heroes in the HSC results lists each year: the child that gets 72% and a low band 4, when they were predicted to get a band 1, the child who stayed with it and simply completed his HSC when he was at risk of dropping out. We celebrate these kinds of achievements too and give thanks to our teachers’ commitment to the students within their care. We are indeed fortunate to have such a high-energy, high-quality team of people at St Patrick’s College.